1. We know it is leaders not consultants who change organisations

Your business will thrive when your leaders inspire their staff and are willing to align their performance and commitment with business strategy. As consultants we challenge, inspire and support leaders to be effective. It is your leaders who will sustain business performance long after we are gone.

2. We possess in-depth understanding of the business environment

We navigate through the complex dynamics operating within the corporate environment. We understand the conflicts between the perspectives and concerns of business owners, management, shareholders, employees, consumers, consultants and interest groups. We highlight areas of potential sabotage as well as opportunity in your business environment.

3. We customise our approach to your needs

Our consultancy work is specifically designed to address your unique business needs. Together we determine and clarify your desired outcomes to ensure our services advance your business goals. We monitor progress and evaluate impact on leadership development, stakeholder and employee satisfaction, internal systems and financial results.

4. We collaborate with you from the start

We partner with you to maximize your growth. You bring skills, needs, intentions and expectations to the consultancy. We identify and refocus self-imposed limitations, we support growth in self-awareness, we strengthen your talents, enhance your interpersonal skills and sharpen your decision-making effectiveness. We encourage identification of impediments and removal at their inception, rather than using major effort later.

5. We blend the pragmatic with the possible

Our pragmatic approach to developing people and delivering results comes from a strong base in consumer and social research, marketing, strategic planning and good old business sense. We combine this with a perceptive understanding of people’s desires to learn, grow, have a voice, express their creativity and feel empowered. Our blend is used collaboratively with you to focus attention, identify opportunities, enable creative problem solving, empower action and facilitate change.

6.  We recognise that organisational cultures need review

We explore with you which formal and informal practices remain functional and what new cultural paradigms will enable your organisation to grow.  We review your diversity practices, your inclusivity mindset and your tolerance for harassment within your organisation.  Differences bring tensions and may lead to bullying.   Differences have high costs for your organisation’s morale, engagement, absenteeism, staff turnover and systems use; essentially your productivity.  Differences also bring richness, strength and robustness through expanded learning, enhanced creativity and a broader worldview.

Your leaders set the cultural climate for inclusivity in your workplace.  They role model it via their zero tolerance for harassment and their flexible work practices.   As Elon Musk says, ‘Some people don’t like change, but you need to embrace change if the alternative is disaster.”

7.  We do what works

We believe in the power of mindset, the importance of mindfulness, neuroplasticity and thinking outside the box.  To develop leaders we use a blend of creative and scientific tools to achieve their desired outcomes. These include: the LSI and Social Styles performance profiling tools, neuroscience and neuroplasticity,  visualization, future manifestation, neurolinguistic programming, somatic methods, and lateral thinking. Find out more about our tools and processes here>>

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