About our processes

The key words relating to the processes we explore with you are:  customisation and blend.  There are many models, profiling tools, protocols and methods that exist and could be useful. And we use a number of them.

Our usual practice is to start with the individual, then develop the individual-in-relationship to other people, other systems and other possibilities.

The principles and protocols we draw from include and are not limited to the following: empowered thinking and mindset; neuroscience and neuroplasticity; Goleman’s emotional and social intelligence; de Bono’s lateral thinking; somatic practices; Seligman’s mental wellbeing PERMA 51 model; and a host of management and leadership models.

We acknowledge the benefits of building on strengths; those of an organisation, a work team and of an individual. We also believe in the value of addressing the elephant in the room and working to overcome, reframe and otherwise set-the-elephant-free in another territory.  Attention to both is required for progress to occur.

Research conducted by Human Synergistics on more than 142,500 individuals in Australia and New Zealand, has shown the average individual in a leadership or management position uses behaviours to cope, rather than to lead.  We aim to maximise the potential to thrive and lead rather than to cope. We advocate Human Synergistic’s premise: Leadership drives culture. Culture drives leadership. They both drive performance.

Some of the performance profiling tools we use are:

LSI – Lifestyles Inventory provides a comprehensive look at the impact your senior executive’s styles have on your organisation’s culture and effectiveness.  It does this by identifying effective and ineffective thinking patterns and behaviour.

It is a powerful diagnostic tool that gives insights into 12 thinking and behaviour patterns or ‘styles’. Your ‘style’ influences your behaviour in all areas of life including:  goal achievement, ability to cope with stress, interpersonal practices and leader effectiveness.  It is used by leaders and managers in all sectors in Australia and internationally.

This Inventory provides insights at an individual and a 360ofeedback level.  Clearly, it is helpful to gain confirmation and insights into what we know about ourselves, it is particularly useful to gain insights into how we are perceived, through our behaviour and language, by others.

MEPS – Management Effectiveness Profile Systemis an assessment package that assists mid to upper level managers in evaluating their on-the-job skills and behaviour.  Key functions of an organisation depend on the day-to-day decisions and actions of its managers so mastery of fundamental management skills is critical to an organisation’s success.

MEPS provides managers with reliable, comprehensive feedback on their performance on fourteen key functional management competencies.  It assesses the person’s on-the-job task, interpersonal and personal skills.  It provides insights at an individual and a 360ofeedback level.

It is a valuable tool to support managers in their current role and their future development as it identifies skills gaps, assesses training needs and consequently key areas of learning and skills development.  Its strength lies in the individual’s willingness to accept feedback, acknowledge the need for change and share information.

Social Styles– this model provides an effective framework and specific techniques for helping people firstly to understand then to improve their interpersonal skills.   Research has show that it is interpersonal skills that distinguish superior from average performers.   They are recognised to be essential skills for an individual to be an effective leader.

Social Styles delivers beneficial insights into how we perceive our own behaviour, our style of interacting, and how this will affect and is affected by others’ styles.  Appreciation of each other’s styles enables a more full understanding of diverse behaviours, empathy of others and allows for more effective communication.  This impacts on how well information can be shared; on decision-making; it facilitates inclusivity in groups and it contributes significantly to workplace effectiveness.

Our tool kit is constantly being refreshed.

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