Consulting Services

Executive Coaching

Your people are your ticket to success. The value of one-on-one coaching is well established either as a stand-alone process or as a complement to other learning and development techniques. Coaching builds current strengths and targets specific areas such as: reluctance to delegate, mentor staff, poor interpersonal skills, ineffective decision-making, conflict resolution, procrastination, outcome negotiation, poor listening skills and emotionally laden conversations.

We challenge, inspire and support the individual to improve their leadership mindset. Our tools increase self awareness, reveal blind spots, and uncover an individual’s natural resources and talents so they can learn new skills, accept self-responsibility and leverage others’ performance. In partnership, we support individuals in creating their own performance improvement plan.

Leadership Team Coaching

Leadership teams benefit from coaching when implementing significant strategic initiatives or organisational changes. Appreciation of diverse personal and management styles and managing expectations for performance is necessary to achieve sustainable business outcomes.

We focus on team dynamics and stages of development, effective communication, individual management styles, managing expectations and negotiating outcomes for creating organisation or department-wide performance improvement.

Role Training and Development

Understanding one’s own role and other’s expectations, is essential to effective performance. Unclear role definition leads to under-performance or inappropriate behaviour. Conflict between workplace role requirements and how people perceive themselves will jeopardise achievement of goals. Peoples’ success in an organisation is a reflection of how effective they are in their roles and how skilful they are at relating to others’ roles.

We clarify role requirements, explore areas of confusion and duplication, identify expectations and train and develop a person to optimise performance in their specific roles.

Stakeholder Engagement

Building strong relationships with the people who influence your organisation is essential to successful business performance. Your Board, strategic partners, key customers, key suppliers and target markets all have the power to significantly impact on your business operations. Staying in touch with their views, opinions and needs is a must.

We take the pulse of your key stakeholders using in-depth interviews, specifically designed to elicit what is important to you. This may include a specific Division’s direction, business performance, and effectiveness in relationship building. We develop, discuss and agree on a semi-structured questionnaire outline, interview stakeholders and feed back strengths, challenges and performance gaps.

Workshop Facilitation

The benefits of having an external facilitator are clear. External objectivity and lack of attachment to the corporate agenda, together with an understanding of business priorities, power bases and team dynamics is necessary to achieve results. Workshops may focus on strategic or business planning, team cohesion, stakeholder priorities, organisational values and project completion.

We facilitate client-driven workshops that align with your business’s overall strategic direction.

Strategic Visioning

Where does your organisation or division wish to be in the future? What are opportunities and threats to success? How capable are your teams and systems to take you there? Who are the up-and-coming leaders in your organisation and what will excite them to stay? What might block attainment of your vision?

We identify barriers and facilitators to moving from a current to a desired position, elicit strategies for moving forward and assist with succession planning. We explore views and values, both one-on-one and in groups, to strengthen the achievement of your organisation’s vision.