About Strategic Management Solutions

Director Helen Close established Strategic Management Solutions in 2000. We specialise in developing your business’s most valuable asset – your current and future leaders.

Our Purpose

We inspire, challenge and support leaders to build relationships that produce results.

Our Values

Integrity | Creativity | Resilience | Openness | Curiousity | Inspiration | Possibility

Our Philosophy

Effective leaders have a leader’s mindset. They value relationships, have strong interpersonal skills and effectively select, support, encourage and mentor their staff. They are acutely self-aware, possess self-responsibility and are committed to developing themselves. As effective decision makers demonstrating resilience and professional integrity, inspiring leaders align performance with business vision. They recognize that long-term success is never the product of a single person’s ideas or efforts.

A sample of the range of our projects that have maximized business and leadership performance include:

  • Transport organisation facing increasing competition and opportunities: Facilitated a workshop with senior management to build unity and leadership in a geographically dispersed team.
  • Arts organization requiring a national rollout of training and resources: A key driver in a five-member cross sector team that designed and implemented a national benchmark Marketing in the Arts study. This study enabled the development of marketing training and resources for arts organisations.
  • Justice organisation seeking information capture to progress policy and services: Designed and implemented the capture of sensitive information on a controversial topic, AIDS, from reticent sources in a complex environment.
  • Stockbroking firm needing three to five year strategic planning: Facilitated a multi-faceted strategic visioning exercise that enabled this firm to identify its Vision, reveal blockages and progress strategies.
  • Privately operated public transport organisation’s succession planning: Designed and conducted processes to engage senior management and ‘rising stars’ in succession planning, at a key milestone in this organisation’s history.
  • Credit Union membership profiling that increased cross selling: Initiated and delivered a comprehensive membership profiling study which highlighted strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in staff practices as well as product and service lines.
  • Public transport decision makers needing mindset change: Overcame former conservative mindset of senior management to facilitate bold marketing initiatives and unprecedented customer satisfaction research activities. These activities continue to provide key performance indicators and popular services to the community.
  • Public sector agency needing insights to expand business activities: Designed, and implemented results of, ground breaking policy-shaping research that provided a solid foundation for future advocacy, advertising, planning and research activities.

At Strategic Management Solutions we are proud of our professionalism, expertise and integrity.

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